Restaurant Timings

Lunch Time :- 12:00PM To 3:00PM

Dinner Time :- 7:00PM To 11:00PM

Gujarati Thali >>

Gujarati Thali >>


Cold / Hot Beverages
The Vintage Speciality Sharabat
(A refreshing concoction of Coconut milk, & Lemon)
 Lime, Mint & Corriander Sharbat
Nimbu Pani
(Salted buttermilk… garnished with cumin seeds, and Mint Leaves)
Masala Tea / Service Tea / Iced Tea /
Mineral Water

(With service)

Cold / Hot Beverages Cont
(Think buttermilk with a flavor of Rose, Khus, Saffron or fresh fruit)
Fresh Lime Soda
Cold Coffee
(With Vanilla ice cream topping)

 Fresh Fruit Juice

Orange / Sweet Lime
Pineapple / Water Melon / Black Grape / Musk Melon / Raw Mango

Traditional Gujarati Snacks
(Served hot with coriander/ mint chutneys & mixed salad)
                    Makai Vada / Bajri Vada
                    (Hot deep fried cornmeal flour / Millet flour with fresh herbs)
                    Vegetable Handvo / Corn  Handvo
                    (A savory mixed-gram flour cake of vegetables or corn with
                    brown crusty top sprinkled with sesame seeds)
                    Mixed Vegetable Bataka Vada
                    (Deep –fried potato & vegetable dumplings enfolded
                    in gram flour paste and flavored with herbs & chilies)
                    (Deep fried gram flour dumplings served with green chilies and onions)
                    Samosa Platte
                    (Deep fried triangular pockets of dough with filling
                    of cottage cheese, peas and potato)
                    Dhokla Platter
                    (Steamed split beans/rice cakes seasoned with mustard/sesame seeds)
                    Dudhi Muthiya
                    (Streamed savory dumplings of grated and seasoned bottle gourd and mixed pulses)
                    (Streamed leaf rolls stuffed with seasoned gram flour sprinkled with sesame seeds)
(Savoury rice flour pancakes cooked between two banana leaves served with yoghurt)
                    Nariyal Kothmir Tikki
(Potato patties stuffed with fresh grated coconut and coriander filling)

Traditional Gujarati Snacks Cont.
                   Makai Ghughra with Chutney
(Deep Fried fresh corn puffs)
                   Today’s Special

Chataakedar Chaats
(A lip-smacking side dish served with Coriander & Mint Chutneys)
                 Tikki Chaat
(Baked mashed potato dumplings stuffed with vegetables & pulses, topped with
                 yoghurt, chutneys and garnished with pomegranate seeds & spices)
                 Papdi chaat
(A mixture of fried canapé s topped with mashed potatoes, pulses,
                 yoghurt and garnished with hot & savory sauces)
                 Dahi Vada
 (Soft gram  flour dumplings soaked in yoghurt with
                 a garnished of pomegranate seeds with hot and sweet sauces)
                 Dahi Chutney Puri
(Crisp Semolina puris stuffed with mashed potatoes,
                 grams, pulses, topped with yoghurt and  garnished with spices)
                 Pani Puri
 (Crisp Semolina puris to be filled with mint flavored
                 tangy water, diced potatoes & sprouts)
                 Sev Puri
                 (Fried canapés topped with diced potato, pulses,
                 pomegranate seeds, hot and sweet sauces and fried vermicelli)

Indian Sweets
(Lip-smacking spiral shaped sweet with a crisp crust and
                 melting soft centre, deep fried in hot saffron flavored
                 sugar syrup and garnished with rose petals)
                 Malpuva (6pcs)
                 (Mouth-watering deep fried pancakes dipped in
                 hot saffron flavored sugar syrup & garnished with rose petals)
                 Cashew Stuffed Gulab Jamuns (6pcs served in piping hot!)
                 (Delicious flour balls stuffed with pistachio & served in piping hot sugar syrup)
                 Sukhadi (minimum 2 person)
                 (Delicious flour balls stuffed with pistachio & served in piping hot sugar syrup)